Organics by Red Bull - Kit

​​​​​​​Organics by Red Bull - Kit

Talent comes naturally. This is what Red Bull Organics is all about - the potential that is ingrained to every fiber of our being, ready to come out at any moment. As part of Red Bull Organics launch in Turkey, we worked with Red Bull to design kits that embody this core idea. We collaborated with 4 local illustrators and had their imaginations roam free.
We created 4 large canvases each from 130 cardboard boxes. The artists painted their unique designs onto the boxes over the course of four days. Together, the boxes formed four complete illustrations. Separately, the boxes each became colorful fragments that hinted a greater story - crafty in material and in design.

Client: The Organics by Red Bull
Creative Director: Onur Gökalp
Art Director: Aytaç Öztürk
Illustrators: Aytaç Öztürk, Cansu Bayrambey, Selin Tahtakılıç, Uğur Acil
Project Manager: Onur Kadıoğlu
Photographer: Naci Mert
Organics by Red Bull - Kit