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    Story illustrations
Publishing Illustrations for well-known themes. Pen & pencil line with inks
'Come here my dear'  Fagin. Pen & Ink. I usually use a Pilot fine line pen for my inking and cut the tip with a scalpel to provide a more varied width to the line.
Pre-production sketch for the image below, using a light blue 'animators' pencil to roughly place various elements, topped off with a Staedtler graphite pencil, usually 4B. I find i am more spontaneous with this approach when I am sketching out the first idea. Somehow the spontaneity is lost in the final piece, but I get there quicker using this route.
Finished image from the above sketch via a lightbox work-over on layout paper. Hand drawn black linework using a Pentel Pen or Pilot fine line marker, or both sometimes, and then painted digtially in Photoshop. Plenty of overdraw allowed here for the publisher to crop at whim
There's usually one in every household!
'Everyone's Favourite Adviser'  Rasputin. Pen & Ink