Itaú BBA - All the perspectives of finance

Itaú BBA, the largest Corporate & Investment Bank in Latin America, understands the evolution of the financial market in recent years with the entry of new players and sought to reach them through a complete rebranding (positioning, verbal and visual language) without abandoning those who already trust the brand and its reputation.

By evolving the brand language, we bring more consistency and make IBBA more present in these new segments. The expansion of perspectives in the design brings freshness and infinite possibilities, marking the transformation of IBBA in companies, society, and people.
In the new identity, we tell a story of evolution and expansion through elements and graphics that change and allow for new perspectives, in a design capable of adapting different visions for each client, from different angles and movements without losing important elements of the parent brand.

In the choice of colors, we bring in the premium reference of the category with black, and combine it with the iconic Itaú orange, which brings a more vibrant and high-contrast feel with black, perfect for digital pieces and art.

For Itaú.
Itaú BBA - All the perspectives of finance