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Ghosted : The Puzzle Master

Caution: Contains game spoilers.
'Ghosted' is a Lemmings-style puzzle game about guiding ghosts to their destination. Players can paint and mix colors on blocks, traps, and even ghosts and background on the map. Ghosts can pass through the same color, so if players solve the puzzle correctly, they will reach their destination safely.

In - game Figures
The game features 10 skeleton characters who are determined to protect the ghosts. Their story of designing colorful puzzles to keep grave from robbers is interspersed with gameplay to give you a break and a few laughs.  Collect all the scattered 'Musical Scores' for each level and you'll even get to watch the Big band Concert of skeleton masters.

Masters Aniamtion

This is the entire map of the Catacombs, including 10 chapters and the Master's Room and Concert Hall. 
Inspired by the 'Tetris' block shape.

Inside the Catacombs contains 12 chapters and 123 levels, each with its own unique set of gimmicks, and your goal is to guide the ghosts safely to their destination: the tomb. The levels are colorful and fun!

Each chapter has a unique main gimmick. These gimmicks are what give the level its identity: antigravity, color inversion, rotation, moving blocks, and more.

In order to make the puzzle with colors, I had to decide how many colors to pick from the infinite color spectrum. I picked six colors from the color wheel to make the distinction clear, and the gray scale was also divided into six steps from white to black.
As I was developing an overall design grammar based on circles and squares, I decided to create UI elements with a more minimalistic approach. I chose to use only black and white colors, so that they would stand out visually in a game with many primary colors.

​​​​​​​The number of ghosts living in the catacombs is also the number of puzzle levels. I designed over 120 ghosts (most of them look alike, of course), and you can see them huddled together with their owner in the small illustration.​​​​​​​

Players will have conversations with the masters. 
Sometimes they explain the game's tutorials, other times they just chat. Want to know what the different personalities have to say?
There's a room called the Master's Room. This is where the administrative staff takes care of the Catacombs' paperwork. When you talk to them, they'll give you different Master titles as you progress through the game. Which Master will you be?

​​​​​​​In the concert hall, you can hear the Masters perform. However, you'll need to collect all the scattered scores to hear the big band ensemble. Once you've nearly beaten the game, you'll be able to hear live music!


Ghosted : The Puzzle Master


Ghosted : The Puzzle Master