slashTHREE New Era
· SlashTHREEs 'New Era' is the creative vision of directors Saad Moosajee and Diego L. Rodriguez. Over the years, the slashTHREE artist core worked on numerous themes for its exhibitions; 'New Era' is the first one of these themes to be formatted as a book.

· The purpose of 'New Era' was to visually depict five different scenarios - Decay, Descent, Struggle, Ascent, and Future - chosen to represent the death and rebirth of organisms. The endless variety of interpretations that emerged from these broad themes lead to a truly surreal collection of art; The 'New Era' project features twenty one of the finest pieces of art ever conceived by the slashTHREE artist core"

slashTHREE New Era
Multiple Owners
Saad Moosajee