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    I rebranded Facebook Paper as a Twitter app because I think its much better suited for Twitter's data.
I repurposed the Facebook Paper UI for Twitter, making small feature adjustments to improve the experience.
Facebook Paper is a great user interface for traversing graphically represented content. Twitter has one of the most beautiful data sets of interconnect nodes in consumer tech. Here's my vision of Twitter Paper.
Data Wireframe
Each domain (San Francisco, Tech, International News, etc) is connected to domain specific content (Tweets) and sub-topics / tangential domains (Batkid, Google Barge, Chile Earthquake, etc respecitvely). This is how I see it being laid out in Paper.
Paper Customization
This will be more or less the same as Facebook paper, but it could be much more expansive and personalized.
Feed View
The same old firehose you're used to. Just cleaned up a little
Domain View
Like Facebook Paper, swiping across the top will change domains - now were reading San Francisco. Here the user sees relevant tweets and tangential domains / aggregated sub topics (generated using one of the many text summarization NLP libraries).
Sub-topic View
Swiping a smaller card up will enlarge it, allowing the user to explore the sub-topic area and all relevant and immediately tangential content. News syndicates like Verge can pay to "own" sub-topics like Google Barge.