Experimentations between analogical and digital
Some time ago reading Foncuberta’s book Photography: Procedures and concepts, he propose the idea of frozen the film before develop it.

I used a black and white ISO 400 film to shoot some photographs of my bro Jef as a model. The idea was to follow my fixation with pictoralism and the modern construction of visual male stereotypes.

After that I’ve put the film with water (today I’ve thought that maybe without water will also work great) in the freezer for almost one month.

I don’t have way to develop the film here at the house right now (fingers crossed” and work with Don Efrain at El poder fotográfico, an amazing lab. Carlos Bernal have helped me a lot with his critics and support but also being the delivery guy who take the film to and from the lab.

Ok, don Efrain, put the film on delay for 2 reasons: the risk of contamination with fungi for the films of other artists and also because the water made it difficult to put on the rails for develop.

Then finally the film was developed and arrived to my hands with a contact sheet -thank you Bernal, thanks a lot-.
The contemporary notion of man (as a social construction) in western culture is part of a process that includes the arts as a mirror and a builder of stereotypes.
Visual thoughts about how my self perception as a man is the fruit of all that cultural, social, and even economic references.
This project is about male stereotypes and how they have been build in western culture with an strong influence of visual arts. From painting and sculpture to photography and mass-media the idea of a man is a social construction full of all the values and prejudices of a given culture and society.
It is an idea so ever present that seems almost invisible and we seems to accept it without think about it. For this reason I decided to look for traditional poses and use the mixture of analogical and digital procedures of capture and reproduction, as a metaphor of that monolithic and many times oppressive FROZEN ideal of what means to be a man.
ISO 400 film frozen over almost a month, then developed, scanned and digitally transformed to positive. All the technical process is part of the metaphor about the self image is a construct.
This image have received honorable mention in the Grand Prix de la Photographie Paris 2013, in the category Professional Photographers.