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Digital media various work
Aviatica HTML5 CSS3,responsive site
Peninsula Petroleum layout
Dolcevita cafee HTML 5, CSS3, responsive site
Graphic design and web design for on-line refurbished computer and equipment shop operating since 1995. Company is with us from 2007 and their shop evolved from HTML to ASP content admin all the way to custom WP framework with first design in 2010 and second in 2014.
Graphic design, web design, content implementation for architectural agency. Croatian and english version.
Multi platform Regional fund for development of Croatia's 21 counties project was developed
for Croatian Chamber of Economics and special subsidiary department of Regional development.
Web was done with extensive cooperation with department of regional development. It was heavily 
content driven with emphasis on each county. The purpose of application was made in special custom large multipage online application questionaire and form expression of interest profile which was then processed via department for approval of certain amounts of regional funds for particular county activities such as infrastructural projects, economic projects, construction and rehabilitaion projects...
Complete graphical design and following stationery design was done and then following web design of the project. Team of 2 developers was summoned for content driven parts and custom application and keyword research tool and - on-line tutorial for counties representatives sections. I was in charge of the project 
and in cooperation with Regional development department on all web segments. Development was done in ASP, and static parts in HTML fromat according to graphical design.
Project was highly succesful, all regional funds were allocated to qualified projects for counties. It ran from 2007 -2009 in Croatian and english version.
Design and website creation for Coca Cola fashion event in summer 2006. Formats were HTML web and additional Flash interactive web.
Construction and real estate building complexes graphic design, web design, content, implementation and administration based on customized WP framework. Projects was running from 2007 - 2012. Web site was changing troughout the time frame with new buildings and residential area add ons and removal ofolder ones. Total of 300 units were presented via this web, reserved and sold through it.
First organic energy drink in Croatia which is being distributed in largest shopping chains: Mercatone and Mercator. Web project included graphic design, web design and creation of full responsive HTML5 web presentation adaptable to all devices. Currently it is running in 3 languages. 2012-2014
Design of Flash website in multiple languages for client. Project was digital animated, intractive TV card for big advertising agency that operated in Austria and Croatia form 2002-2009. Design was created with branding guidelines and agency's cooperation. Web scheme included animations and various interaction on Action Script 2 level.
Fashion stylist's presentation web site was created in 2013 and contains textual, visual static and video information. Web is one page scrolling bootsrap framework redesign scheme, clear HTML without additional platforms. It is full responsive on numerous of devices.
Make up and accessories web site. Graphical design, logo, stationery design - cards, flyers were done and implementation into web design using responsive techniques. 
My goal is to translate make up into visual personality. Instead of catching passing trends, I strive to make a look that is unique to each person. Project ran online from 2011 - end 2013.

KONTRAPLAN is a publication dedicated to everything beautiful and it is compiling topics relatedto society & culture, such as: architecture, design, fashion,photography, art, travel, food and much more. KONTRAPLAN is meant for all of you bold enthusiasts so make it your dose of beautiful things and joy.
Kontraplan is highly popular Wordpress driven, full responsive website running from 2011. It has
average number of 7000 visits per month with couple extra peaks that made it most visited site with couple hundred thousand visits in span of few days. Project is based on tweaked framework and it'scontent is regulary updated.  
Kohola surf club was founded in early 2010. and it is the first club from Croatia which is dedicated just to wave surfing. 
Web project consist of graphical design, web design and on-line content creation and maintenance. All is based on WP platform and responsive driven. Project is running early 2013.
Fiat Grande was oficial Croatian website for car model from 2007- 2010. It has been created for
Fiat Croatia. All branding and elements were implemented obtaning the European FIAT approved standards. Web project was done in Flash Action Script2 language and it was a interactive on-line presentation with music, models, colors exterior, interior options, engine for color,alloy rims options and various other specifications.
Firstly a graphic design layout structure was created for UI purposes and final implementation process. Similiar projects have been completed for same client thoughout 2007-2008 and those were official Alfa Romeo 156, 159, and Fiat Croma models.
Kaiser travel is a travel agency, a part of kaiser Yachting company based in Zagreb, centre of city, Croatia. Complete graphical design and layout were created for purposes 
of new site design and then converted into functional HTML/CSS web project. Site is running since early 2012. Content is maintained by travel agency employees.
Pro-Tan Solutions ™ is the first Croatian brand of self-tanning products.Pro-Tan Solutions ™ lotions are manufactured in the EU under strict European norms 76/768EEG.
Products are medically correct as confirmed by the Croatian National Institute of Public Health.
Web project consist of graphical design, web design and on-line shop creation and maintenance. All is based on WP platform and e-commerce enggine with responsive capability for all devices. Project is running since 2012.
Croatia Postal bank - HPB, yearly report for websites and portable media in 3 languages was created based on TFM agency branding and design. Materials were part of overall agency concept ( which received Red appple, Midas New York award 2007 for the HPB  yearly report.

Project consisted of dual language on-line website reportson bank's website,and of custom design CD-ROM.
Heileos Freolen is a established storage, ice storage facilities company based in Spain. Graphical elements and designs were implemented into web site design and content implementation is pulled via Wordpress platform. Project is responsive and running since 2012.
Camel clothing company, branch Croatia organized contest and event in 2012 for Iron Men contestent purposes. This web was created for purpose of on-line presentationof the abovementioned event - poll. Web was designed according to Camel guidelines and HTML5 responsive.
Musical Punk  rock website. Design and implementation. Project is responsive. 2013
Law firm short info web site. Fully responsive HTML.
Presentation website and small shop based in Paris for French Scarfs and scarf accessories.. Shop was running from 2011 - 2013. Techologies include: php, Wordpress and e-commerce.
Apetit,restaurant website. Graphic Design and web design using Flash and Html.
Hortiart is a landscape architecture and horticulture. Graphical preparation and web design.
Hawaii Maui cottage rental website. Full width, and responsive.
Cro a Porter is famous Croatian fashion event project that has been running for 11 years. We have been part
of team since strart up until 2010. In that time span 12 different web projects were created, each connected
to specified event theme. Tasks always included web design, cooperation with all members of team,
content, additional presentations and various other tasks and objectives such as additional ads, wall TV,commercials
VJ elements info and pics for video walls, stop animations, banners, promo materials for CD ROMS or e-mails among others. Web projects were completed in HTML or in Flash and two were aslo CMS cntent driven based on ASP.
Personal website for air conditioning and solar energy installments firm. Task included branding, graphic design and web site creation. Project was completed using HTML 5 technology.
Political representative website. Year 2013. Project consist of ful data-pic segments and full featured responsve video component. Graphic layout and web implementation were delivered and web resides on Wordpress platform.
Established in 2007, the purposes for which the organization was formed are exclusively charitable, and include providing support for intellectual property owners, particularly in the context of the Internet and concerning the publication of right holder data and licensing information, in addition to providing access to information and legal services related to international intellectual property administration, enforcement and dispute resolution.
Site went 2 redesign phases and last one is Wordpress based platform.
Private dental care Tarle website dunning from 2012 has been made using various components and jquery libraries. It is full responsible full screen presentation website.
World theatre Zagreb festival website from 2005. Project was done in HTML format.
Transport footwear flash, interactive website from 2007. Complete design, implementation and interaction.
Tratinchica is a digital illustrator and this is her personal portfolio and work experience web site. Technologies are HTML/CSS.
Clothing brand websites running from 2006 - 2009
Avon brand event, prize website based on agency graphic layout. Projects were running in 2008,2009
Restaurant grill bar website. 2014.
Dilm festival project.Since 2012. Multiple websites and micro websites. Technologies:HTML5 or WP.
Digital media various work

Digital media various work

Span of different projects in past years Design, creation, production, maintenance of web sites and promotional on-line, offline materials. Proje Read More
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