Client: Wall Street Journal
April- 2014

I was commssioned to deliver a very stylized illustration, in my "Pop-Deco" style for a Wall Street Journal article.
They didn't want it to be too seriously detail, but more with a visual upbeat look that fits there newspaper aesthetic.

The illustration focuses on the three major studios which have bought 3 unique Marvel properties- 20th Century Fox = X-men, Sony Pictures = Spiderman, and Disney = Captain America. The story shed light that becuase the 3 studios own a significant portion, it's definitely certain that the genral audience will never see these exact 3 characters in one movie.

At the start, I submitted two vector sketches -
-one delivering upon the visual idea of all three characters being bound by the studios/
-the second sketch, delivering upon the idea of desperation of the 3 characters to unite but each being restrained by  these sentinel -like movie reels - representing the movie studios.

The two ideas were too literal , and I collaborated with the creative team over at the Wall Street Journal to deliver the third vector sketch, which was then selected to be finalized.

Unfortunately, due to legalities, the work was never published.
No stress, that's all part of the business.
Below is the start to final casestudy. Cheers and good luck in all that you do~
^^^ Vector Outlines ^^^
^^^ Vector Anchor Points ^^^
And because doing Illustrations for Newspapers,
they generally print darker, so I boosted the color saturation by 20%....
Final Vector Below.
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