Ideas to design a book printing on just one side of the sheets, or having all the sheets folded in half, were for some time in my head. The images from Vytautas Stanionis’ archive were just the perfect material to realise both.
These forty double-portraits taken by Vytautas Stanionis in 1946 (and discovered by his son in the mid 80s) were meant to be cut in half and used as identity photographs for soviet passports. The reason why two people share one frame was the lack of materials in postwar Lithuania.
In this publication two matchbox-sized images were enlarged to A3 prints. Duotone plates were printed on thin uncoated stock in two processes (the second colour pressed the next day after the first one had dried).
The Best German Book Design — Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung, Frankfurt 2014
Paris Photo/Aperture Foundation PhotoBook of the Year Award — Special Mention, Paris/New York 2014
Nuotraukos dokumentams / Photographs for Documents by Vytautas V. Stanionis — 44 sheets, 440×295 mm — Set in Soleil by Wolfgang Homola / TypeTogether and Pitch by Kris Sowersby / Klim Type Foundry — Printed on Materica (Acqua, 120 g/m²) and Munken Pure (100 g/m²) — Published by Kaunas Photography Gallery, 2013 — Printed and bound by Kopa, Kaunas
ISBN 978-609-8099-04-1