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    This is part of my project RICICLAMI for my BA Degree.
Riciclami poetically represents an infinite cycle of production, where any waste material can be reused avoiding discards in the production process.
We created a concentrated cycle of production through a low tech machine we designed. It is a totally independent and cyclical system that transforms scrap papers in brand new items which, at the end of their life, will take a new form and purpose through the same process…
Through our low-tech machine we produce paper bins made out of recycled paper, so the content turns into the container.
In the production of the paper bins we don’t add any glue because we don’t want to contaminate the paper with other non-biodegradable materials. In this way our product is 100% recyclable. The water we use in our machine is collected and reused, enriched with glue that comes naturally from the paper.
Basically, the resulting product holds the story of this sustainable system in order to raise public awareness of a consciousconsumption.
paper + water