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Special Issue - Conscious Glam Collective

Conscious glam collective is a youth-oriented, ethical fashion publication that is produced by and features the work of emerging artists. This publication's primary goal is to promote cool, approachable, and reasonably priced contemporary brands. We hope to increase the appeal of eco-friendly buying among millennials and Gen Z through strategic branding and communication.
In this project, I explore the idea of utilising fun, vibrant, and youthful imagery as a means of communicating the weighty themes of mindful consumption and sustainability.
The goal is to make eco-friendly lifestyles and social responsibility seem more appealing and attractive. Rather than viewing conscious living as a rigid, dull, and 
tedious practise, I want to change people's minds so that they view it as a joyful experience
The cover features a portrait of Elizabeth Munoz that has been edited to appear as if she has used an Instagram filter. This is done in order to make the visuals more relatable to Gen Z. I used purple and yellow, two contrasting colours that draw attention to the issue.
Page 2 features an advertisement for Lampoo, an Italian based luxury 
fashion resale platform, which has a store in King’s Road, London
Page 3 contains the "now serving" content section. I thought it would 
be fun to use "serve" as word play because it is a term frequently used 
by Gen z on social media.
Generation Z consumes a lot of social media content, so I thought it would be a great idea to write a feature on 5 fashion influencers who support conscious 
consumerism while also being trendy. 
I carefully selected people of various ethnicities, backgrounds, sizes, and styles because inclusivity is essential and everyone deserves to feel represented. Because most social media users are susceptible to overconsumption as a result of social media, I used the term "good influence" as the headline. Fast fashion hauls and unnecessary purchases have become major concerns among millennials and Generation Z.

There have been heated debates about influencer hauls and unboxing videos that tempt social media users, particularly those who are impressionable and young, to over-consume and discard items that are no longer trendy.
Furthermore, many young people who want to buy from conscious brands don't know where to shop and don't have the time to go searching for brands that suit their style while also being sustainable. Following influencers who tell you where to shop and how to make smart purchases is a good place to start.
We used some of my clothes for Fejiro's shoot, and while doing so, I came up with the idea of wardrobe swapping. 
It's a cool and underrated conscious practise that I've written about in depth in the feature. 

I experimented with the layout design, and now that I think about it, I think I could have refined it a little more if I had more time on my hands.
 The headline is inspired by the popular song "Pop it like it's hot."
This is the style page, and the headline is a play on the phrase "guilty pleasure." Since I was already using a lot of bright colours and bold fonts, I wanted to keep the layout simple. The items I've chosen are all well within the range of 30 GBP to 180 GBP, which isn't as cheap as fast fashion, but it's certainly more affordable than most good quality and stylish items I've come across so far. 
All of these items are from contemporary conscious fashion brands, and I've included the product names, prices, materials used to manufacture the product, where they're made, and the brand's sustainability certifications. I intentionally chose items that are classic, long-lasting, and versatile. Each item can be styled in a variety of ways. This is done to encourage slow fashion.
In this ad, I showcase three different JW Pei handbags.
I wanted to show levity, so I drew the tic tac toe by hand. 
Because purple is associated with both the bag brand and this first special issue, I have made every effort to make the most of this opportunity to build brand recognition and recall.
Creative Direction & Editorial Design - Neha Anand
Photography - Neeraj Janthly, Neha Anand
Models - Elizabeth Munoz, Fejiro Ovah, Mariia Zelenskia
Special Issue - Conscious Glam Collective


Special Issue - Conscious Glam Collective