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    Self Promotion Item
The Five Day Bribe
Self Promotion Item
Getting your foot in the door isn’t easy, so create a self-promotional item that will help you to sell yourself to a design agency, with the aim of getting a work placement. 

One of the best ways to persuade someone to do something is through a bribe, so my solution was to bribe the agency in a comical and humorous way, but not just one bribe that they may enjoy and remember for 30 seconds then throw away. A new bribe sitting on their desk every morning for when they arrive at work, AKA the Five Day Bribe. 

DAY ONE begins with a nice simple traditionally styled bag of sweets to tempt their sweet tooth. The bag is lined with my CV and a business card is attached to the sweets. The slogan used suggesting that they can have a pretty sweet designer who can create a positive effect, just like the sweets.
On DAY TWO if they have not gotten back to me I offer them a six-pack of refreshing cold beers. The copy that features enforces the point of me being a young and refreshing designer whilst still in keeping with the theme of the bribe. 
On DAY THREE if I’ve still not heard anything back from the agency, I step up the game. They will receive a small brown package with a wad of ‘£50 notes’ in. The counterfeit money features my face and my details on the back, with the idea of the bribe suggesting that I can be cheap labor for their agency, whilst again still in keeping with the theme of the bribe.
By DAY FOUR if I’ve still not had a response from the agency, I take the bribe to the extreme and give them ‘my left kidney’ to show them how determined and audacious I can be. In a humorous way it shows the lengths I will go to, using the old saying of ‘giving your left kidney’ to get something you really want. 
On the FINAL DAY if I’ve still not heard anything back, the bribes clearly aren’t working! So I make one final attempt to sell myself to them and to try and bargain for just five minutes of their time for a chat. I enclose another copy of my CV just in case they fancied finally giving it a read after hopefully being impressed by the bribes.