Basic wireframe layout of the homepage. There is the intention of enabling the template to become responsive and the inclusion of the simplistic column layout will enable this content to adjust according to the size.
The homepage is the central hub that enables Grey Matter to focus the most important content to the user. This is a constantly updated page with a content slider and live tiles that refresh every time you hit this page.
A Design & Media page gives an example of the main category pages that guide the user through the site. There's a selection of news and special offers available and a tile that will direct you to the Grey Matter store to buy any design products.
Showcase pages, buyers guides, articles and partner pages provide a variety of information on any product you may be interested in regarding said category.
An individual showcase page and in this case highlighting a specific product. A navigation module to the left is now available to find out more about the product or publisher. On the right are tiles, banners and special offers that relate to the subject matter.
Buyers guides are shorter, concise articles that provide information regarding the best solution to a customer when choosing the right software for their needs.
The HardCopy mag section displays the latest and archived issues of Grey Matter's magazine. There are options to subscribe to the magazine, download a PDF version or read an online version like the one shown below.