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    This project is an information project of given colour 'Grey'.
University project Yr 2
This project is an information design book of given colour 'Grey'.
Grey is a shade between black and white and includes achromatic scale shades. 
"It's a nice foggy day"
The book, ‘It’s a nice foggy day’, introduces the nature of fog and the book will give readers the sensation of standing in the fog when opened. Different weights of paper are used to give off the feeling of fog. For example, heavy fog is represented by heavy paper and light fog uses light paper. In addition, readers can see grey fog for themselves by using the special glasses provided with the book.
Paper :
* Heavy fog : 300gsm
* Mid weight fog : 180gsm
* Light fog : 80gsm
Fog glasses
Fog glasses invites you in the grey fog immediately.
Research book
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