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    take a break 3d brochure

Design Problem
Take a Break is a company which is into organising vacations, and
was planning to have stalls in corporate offices for its
promotions.They needed a brochureto convince the corporates to
allow the stalls of ‘Take A Break’ in their offices.

Target Audience

Design Solution
We designed a 3D brochure containing a travel game, accompanied
by a presentation CD, based on the concept that the stall would
provide a momentary refreshing mental break for employees, just as
this game would provide one for the mind. The brochure enlisted
benefits for the company of the travel break taken by its employees,
as per a study by Oxford.
Box Cover
Box Outside
Box Inside
Copy Reads:
The take a break stall
will do for your employees
what this game
will do for your mind

Board Game
Presentation CD
3 fold Brochure
3 fold Brochure inside