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How To Develop An Optical Effect In A Range Of Projects

My work “Hypnotic Vibes” is a kind of hypnotizing sun that injects positive energy. In fact, the reddish portion of the design seems to be pulsating... If you look for a while at it, it is even possible that the circular arrangement of spikes will look “broken” or less organized. What is more incredible, some people told me they are able to synchronize the virtual pulsations of the picture with the beat of their own heart.
The simplicity of the design enhances its visual impact. So, it is a perfect eye-catching material to be used and developed in advertisements or interior decoration.
Eye Products
My vibrating optical illusion was selected for the advertising campaign of the eye drop “Alfa Protezione UV”.
Cultural Events
The design has also been selected to visually represent and promote “Grec Festival Barcelona 2014”, which is Barcelona's largest summer annual dance, theater and music festival with a huge program of wonderful events.

Have also a look at the promotional video.
Scientific exhibit
My vibrating illusion was presented at Las Vegas Adventure Dome by a TV show host of National Geographic Channel. See the reaction of the visitors!
Many variants of this illusion (here in blue) have been featured on book covers, or used by authors to explain/highlight some specific principles of vision.
Interior decoration
Last but not least, thanks to “” I have expanded the optical illusion into various decorative everyday objects and shared them with thousands of potential customers. Below is an example of a wall decal people can use to decorate their home and inject a dose of positive energy all around. You can buy posters and other neat products with this hypnotic design directly from my online shop:
How To Develop An Optical Effect In A Range Of Projects

How To Develop An Optical Effect In A Range Of Projects

How To Develop A Simple Optical Effect In A Range Of Effective Projects.