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CALL ME REALITY _theatre_show
Call Me Reality
A two person theatre performance.
Sometimes we need illusions to survive and we create a world that doesn´t correspond to reality. But what is actually reality? Who decides what is real and what is a dream? Is that something that needs to be confirmed by others or should we just trust our mind?
Synopsis: A man is lost in an abstract space. He wakes up and he is interrogated about his guiltiness. The public is part of the jury. Are we ready to judge him?
Actors: Daniela Lucato, Marc Philipps
DJ / Sound design: Practitioner / David Travers
Live video + Graphic design: Geso / Pablo Iglesias Algora
Lights: Victor Colmenero
Camera: Mahendra G.R
Dramaturgy / Direction: Daniela Lucato
Direction's Assistant: Paolo Nikli
Costumes: Daniela Lucato & Francesca Marconi
Hairdress/Make-Up: Francesca Marconi
Video trailer by Simone Trotta
Photos by Jpantaleoni
Graphic design including logo and different posters by Geso / GeeOhDee: 
CALL ME REALITY _theatre_show

CALL ME REALITY _theatre_show

Video and live visuals + graphic design for theatre piece "Call Me Reality" from Daniela Lucato.