Brand Identity

Made in Carcere is a social cooperative and non-profit organization, which has started a new initiative that aims to make the prison a better place while engaging in a project, where as a breeding ground can men grow, mature and become productive, thanks to the realization of vertical gardens. A return to the earth that wants to be almost cathartic for those, who have the opportunity to cultivate collectively an important project. To highlight these issues, we have called it "Homus": neologism created from the words humus (the terrain nutrient for plants, but also figuratively speaking the cultural substratum of the society) and Homo (human). The claim - "The vertical garden Made in Carcere", explains the link between the project and the social cooperative. The logo transmits a proposal message, those that appear to be the bars, are actually stems, from which are growing their first leaves. The dominant colors are ivory and green, the color of hope and nature in all its different shades. The future of Homus could develop over multiple paths, but all serve to reinforce the idea of starting: the prison must become a better place, where in addition to plants even the men return to being productive. Therefore we imagine that the prisoners who took part in the project, will one day have the opportunity to work in all respects, as free men for Homus. Where? For example by opening up stalls in the markets of the city: here they could sell the products of  the vertical garden Made in Carcere and demonstrate to customers their experience of maturation and renewal, made thanks to the path with Homus.