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    A linocut print attempt.
Over the holidays, I want to explore many new stuffs and one of it is linocutting. To begin with, I started a simple sketch of a skull. The design combined both English and Chinese typefaces. Being bilingual, I want bring in this skill into my design instead of the norm of English typography design.
To briefly describe the skull, "西北" (as seen on the top of the skull) otherwise known as "Sibei" (in local Singapore slang) mean "very", "super" or "extremely" in English. The following Chinese type "手工制造" (as seen on the jaw) means "Handmade".
Each print is made into an A4 size dimension and printed on different paper and inks. Limited prints are also available for sale on BigCartel
The original sketch and colored version of the skull
The on going process of cutting the board.
Final outcome of the print
Printed on different paper medium and colors
Gold ink on Chinese Couplet Red Paper
Gold ink on 250gsm Advocate Paper
Gold ink on 250gsm Advocate Paper
Red ink on 250gsm Advocate Paper
Black ink on 250gsm Advocate Paper