UNCIVIL - The Immortal Engine
Branding and Book Cover Design
I am now a self-published author!! I worked on a great project with a good friend of mine Benjamin Wallace. (A self published author and also a copy writer I have worked with in the past.) I got to stretch my creative skills and co-write a book with him. It was quite a process, from concepting a book idea to collaborating in a writing process. We then developed the branding, logo design, book cover and even a few print ads. We had a blast working on this! I Hope you enjoy. Cheers!!!
Here is the original logo of Allan Pinkerton's spy agency. Better known as the first private eye detective agency. This is also the first Secret Service for the US government under Abraham Lincoln.
This is the occult version we did based on that logo.
Here are a few print ads we did.
And here is the first of the Uncivil logo lock-ups we did for the series. More to come soon....