Patient Care For A Long Distance Air Ambulance Jet And Medical Team
Air ambulance services have highly trained medical staff who care for a patient during a critical care flight.  The team is comprised of the airplane pilot along with medical personnel.  In some cases, both a paramedic and nurse will be on board the plane.
From the time the air ambulance service is contacted to the time the patient is transported to the appropriate facility, the patient's care is the number-one priority.  Highly trained medical flight professionals accompany and care for the patient. They are well aware that timing is critical.  They know how to transport a patient quickly and attend to his or her needs during the flight.
A great medical staff always treats patients with complete dignity and respect.  The level of care depends on the severity of the person’s illness or injuries.  The team assesses each patient with the specific care they need for their health and safety.
The medical personnel remain in contact with the designated facility during the flight at all times.  Medical personnel monitor the patient and follow any instructions issued by the facility on the ground.
Pilots and medical personnel all must have advanced experience and training.  They must meet specific criteria and have extensive experience working with trauma patients in emergency situations. Everyone who works on board the air ambulance is well-trained in the proper safety protocol and patient care.  They monitor air traffic patterns and weather conditions. 
They know how long it takes to arrive at the designated facility. These highly trained medical flight crew members are required to attend ongoing training throughout the year.  Before their first flight, they must be certified.
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