Design 360° Magazine No.101 - demo: Music Design

No.101 demo: Music Design[VJ, Nightclubs…Unlocking New Scene And Experience For Music Design]?|demo:音樂設計[影像騎師、跳舞俱樂部……解鎖音樂設計的新場景與新體驗]

在本期雜誌,我們邀請到在音樂設計領域有著豐富觀察經驗的盧濤作為編輯顧問,著眼於Livehouse現場-影像騎師、nightclub跳舞俱樂部與專輯等三大音樂體驗「場景碎片」,呈現這其中大放異彩的視覺設計。我們期待在視覺體驗與創作的分享背後,能拓展到關於群體、時代、內容以至音樂媒介與音樂行業的整體思考。 在主題的最後,編者借用唱片中「B-Side」的概念,邀請到兩位具有音樂人與設計師雙重身份的特別嘉賓,進入一個更廣闊的音樂人設計師的世界。
With the diverse dynamics of the music medium and music experience, music-related design scenes have emerged in a wide variety of visual expressions. This issue of Design360° magazine presents the different connections between music and design in this sub-discipline from an observer's perspective, exploring the rich but fragmented music design performances. The editor will lead readers to a new scene and a new experience of music design by using visual creation from multiple perspectives as a clue.

In this issue, we invited Lu Tao, who has rich experience in music design, to be our editorial advisor, focusing on three major “scene fragments” of music experience: VJ, nightclubs and albums, and presenting the visual design that shines in them. We hope that behind the sharing of visual experiences and creations, we can expand our thinking about groups, times, contents, and the music medium and the music industry as a whole. At the end of the theme, the editors borrowed the concept of “B-Side” from the album and invited two special guests who are both musicians and designers to enter a broader world of musicians as designers.
封面圖像|Cover Image
Poster for Zhao Dai Club by MENSLIES |招待所演出海報,MENSLIES設計
in 360° / 90° Intro|序言
Anything Can Be a Band’s Logo任何東西都可以是樂隊的Logo
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in 360° / 90° Interview|專訪
VJ on the Scene: Your Guides of “Seeing” the World of Music
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in 360° / 90° Group Interview|群訪
Tickets to Nightclubs: the Self-liberated Visual Labs
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in 360° / 180° Interview|專訪
Starting from the Album: Different Musical Scenes, Different Visual Lens
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in 360° / 180° Article|文章
Modern Sky _ MVM: Make a Youth Music Brand Based on Content Logic
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in 360° / 180° Interview|專訪
A Conversation with Wei Zi: Generation, Consumption, Media, and Music Design
Wei Zi
in 360° / 270° ⎡B-side⎦
Zhan Pan (AERO-BOAT)
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OFF 360° Special Section|特別企劃
ggg’s Mission: Push Graphic Design to the Cusp
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The 389th ginza graphic gallery Exhibition: Yui Takada with CHAOTIC ORDER
ggg第389回企劃展:高田唯與 混沌的秩序
Yui Takada​​​​​​​
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OFF 360° Happening|動態
About Revue Faire
平行交錯——對於《Revue Faire》的回應​​​​​​​
Sonia de Puineuf
Aude Fellay
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INTL: The Origin and Rebirth of a Design Festival
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OFF 360° Series|連載
Kŏngquè Project: the Mindset of Chinese Typography Prologue
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Publication Info
Chief Editor: Hyde Ou
Editorial Consultant: Lu Tao@ XYZ Lab / Shao Nian @ XYZ Lab
編輯顧問:盧濤@XYZ Lab / 邵年@XYZ Lab
Director of Editor: Lauren Luo
Managing Editor: Xintong Lun
Editors: Yuer Bi / Xintong Lun / Yinan E
編輯:畢玉兒 / 倫欣彤 / 鄂軼楠
Assistant Editor: Huang Dunn
Design Director: Shao Nian @ XYZ Lab
設計總監:邵年@XYZ Lab
In - house Design Director: Nan
Designer: Human Mar / JY Chan / Ziyan Huang / Lipin Lin
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Design 360° Magazine No.101 - demo: Music Design