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    An iphone application where you can locate your friends and chat with the. There is also a route organiser, directional maps etc.
Singtel WhereApps
An iPhone application where you can locate and chat with you friends, find directions, organise your directional routes and view traffic condtions.
Singtel WhereApps is an useful application where you can locate you friends wherever they are. You can link up with them easily using the 'Live Chat' function or private messaging. Group chat is also made possible on this popular application. Just think MSN messenger with added functionality and features.

Not only is Singtel WhereApps a friend finder, there are several useful features such as route organisers, traffic camera functions and destination locator.

My role is to design an UI which is has to be user-friendly and aesthetically appealing to different target audiences.

I wanted to design an interface which is sleek and simple, yet vibrant enough to engage users of different age groups.

The result is a design with simple curves and also panels with clean edges. I also implemented the use of colours to help differentiate various functionalities and also for organisation.

Functions like route finders and directional maps were kept to the simplest but not simpler design.