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To create a more distinctive reputation in the Australasian market, digital product studio, Dovetail, rebranded under the new name of Paloma.

Paloma, meaning dove in Spanish, links to the previous brand name and was an obvious choice for the brand evolution. Paloma is also a popular cocktail invoking memories of an island holiday or Friday afternoon drinks with friends, reflective of the enjoyable and friendly nature of the studio. With this inspiration in mind, I crafted a logo that linked the bird from both brand names as well as a palm motif referencing the beachy cocktail. The result was an abstracted bird tail as well as palm fronds with a vintage brutalist aesthetic to keep the identity cemented in the digital industry.
The cocktail also inspired the colour palette with a bold grapefruit tone and deep evergreen as the primary palette, which is supported by light tones of pink, cream and blue that you would find in an early sunset. This palette is quite colourful and expansive as is but a tertiary palette was also developed with eccentric accent colours to add even more personality and freedom to the more casual brand touch points such as social media, event collateral and internal communications.

Finally to balance the extensive colour system the layouts have been kept minimal, embracing whitespace and reducing text where possible. This lean toward Swiss layouts mirror the style and influence of the logo.
Executive Creative Director: Lee Corleison
Design Director: Rob Dennis
‍‍Design Team: Luke Summerhayes, Maisie MacDonald

Paloma Rebrand


Paloma Rebrand