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    A collection of my T-shirt illustrations.
Puppy Love

Entry for Threadless 'Simple' Challenge.

Politics; Many Blood Suckers

Politicians everywhere promise a cleaner, brighter more prosperous future for everyone. Sadly the reality usually features said politicians lining their pockets with tax payers money, or scratching the backs of their powerful industrial friends. Larry Hardiman famously defined politics thus:
Politics, n: Poli "many" + tics "blood-sucking parasites"

D.O.V.E. (Dastardly Order of Villainous Exterminators)It seems to me that nowadays peace is only ever achieved through violence, which seems an obvious contradiction. Peace by Peaceful means.
 King of the Road

You're just my type

Its true, you are.
This is my entry for the Threadless  '4 words or less' challenge Currently voting over at Threadless HQ. As ever your support is very welcome.



Life flourishes and blooms only to inevitably wither and then bloom again.
Threadless latest:
King Kong Ping Pong

Aside from swiping lithe blondes and scaling tall towers, Mr Kong's lesser know hobby is the nobel past time of table tennis.
The Jack of Smarts (and the Knave of Slobs!)

My third submission of 2012, hopefully the third time pays for all.

If you have the time and inclination, all votes and comments are very welcome:

Piratical Cycle

This is reworking of a previous submission, although I liked the previous piece I thought it could be improved upon. This scallywag is up for scoring on Threadless now, all comments and votes are greatly appreciated.
Faint heart never won fair lady

Winning your way into a lady's heart can sometimes be like fighting a terrifying beast. A long arduous road, littered with the remains of previous would-be suitors, a treasure guarded by a fearsome guardian. This is for all the white knights out there still questing for their maidens!

Unwind your mind

In order to plumb the depths of the psyche and untie your inner workings, what better way than to turn yourself into a human pretzel and unleash your third eye. Unwind your mind.

Kitty Love Leg Lock

Pineal Colada

Beast Babes Battles

The Root of all Evil!The daily grind, the rat race, working for the man all for a little $. Throw your clothes away and go live naked in the woods (just buy this T-shirt first). http://www.threadless.com/submission/385525/The_Root_of_all_EVIL/showmore,designs
If you have the time please head over to Threadless and vote if you can, thank you!
Ever wonder where clouds come from?

Every Pirate deep down just wants to be loved and if they had counselling and psychoanalysis back in Pirate times I'm pretty sure that this is what they'd say.

Valor. Glory. Maidens. What else is there? New Threadless T, if you have the time please Vote, its much appreciated.

The Rum need never be gone with Captain Jack's Special Reserve Rum:
There is possibly only one thing worse than the Undead apocalypse and that is the reanimation of Justin Bieber (ZomBieber that is) to eternally groan out his undead pop music anthems.

Available on Threadless: http://www.threadless.com/submission/350729/ZomBieber

When the end comes and you're holed up in a shopping mall surrounded by the decaying undead, there are only two things you can rely on; a trusty boomstick and this clean white t-shirt to mop up the blood and brains.