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    Bombardier journey
Public spaces. We tried to keep enough space for the passengers where they can rest the most of the time during the journey. We used special chairs, which are moveable. Itґs easy to combine them to groups. The tables are also moveable along the wall to give passengers more flexibility in organizing the space. The wagons can be divided into two separate rooms. In one half itґs possible to watch films for example and in the other half passengers are able to continue communication or read books.
Baggage and private Space. The passengers just take hand baggage into the wagons. Storage places are for that baggage are in the top of the room. There is also storage place under the lower shelves. The big baggage is in the cargo hold. Private space: is divided into two sleeping areas. The shutter separates the sleeping area from the public space. Equipment in the private space: liquid cristal displays, remote control, air conditioning, illumination unit with 220 Volt and an USB- Access, radio, ect. Also an individual folding table. Multifunctional-Touch-Display are installed in each of the cells. You are able to use functions like: controlling the shutter and the ladder, read the menu of the restaurant car, read information about the surrounding area which the train is passing, you are able to watch films and tv. Each passenger gets an el. Ticket wich is used to activate the systems in the cell through an el. Ticket Validator installed in each of the cabines.
Hygiene. Two toilets and two shower cabins are in the end of the wagons.
Feeding. Space is reserved for an operator ( like in airplanes) in each of the wagons. Snacks and drinks are available from the machines installed in the wagons.

Made in SLAVASAAKYAN designstudio.