Daikin_Brand Campaign

Today, change is in the air. 
Everything is constantly evolving, people are looking for new ways of living, working and even being at home. 

And above all, there is nothing more aspirational than the story of those who have the courage to change their lives: we all look in wonder at the colleague who decides to change direction, envy the younger people with the courage to take different choices, and admire the older people who drop everything and start from scratch.

Daikin is a leading air conditioning brand and has made innovation (and change) its trademark. 
That's why it decided to become a sponsor of change, telling true stories of people who chose a new life. 
The brand supported and accompanied them in more sustainable, cutting-edge choices.

Antonio and Susanna, a retired couple who after a life in the city 
decide to move to the seaside. For their new home they decide to apply a next-generation
air conditioning: more sustainable and affordable.

Eleonora and Giulio, a young couple who decide 
to move in together, after years of long-distance relationship. 
A big change accompanied by the choice to heat and cool their home in the most sustainable way possible.

Matteo struggles between the ambition to have a career and the desire to spend more time with family. 
Finally he decides to quit his job and freelance from home, being able to do both.
To realize his project he revolutionizes a room, and also improves the lives
of his whole family.


Chief Creative Officer & Partner: Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti 
Creative Director: Selmi Bali Barissever, Chiara Monticelli 
Art Director: Chiara Marino 
Copywriter: Simone Maltagliati
Strategy Director: Marco Mammino
Senior Strategist: Grazia Zucchiatti
Client Director: Elena Panza
Account Director: Silvia Ghiretti
Account Manager: Antonia Martone

Integrated Production Director: Matteo Pecorari 
Senior Producer: Maria Chiara Muglia 
Junior Producer: Vincenzo Perrotta
Head of Physical Production: Simone Raddi
Junior Production Coordinator: Francesca Di Donna

Post production Supervisor: Seba Morando
Post Producer: Miriam Ottina 
Senior Film Editor: Federica Ruggeri  
Editor: Davide Vitola
Motion Designer: Dario Lipani

Director & Photographer: Francesco Quadrelli
DOP: Gianluca Palma
First AD: Armando Francesco Serrano
Casting: Adele Gallo, Massimiliano Pacifico, Dario De Natale
Production Service: Anemone Film
Set Designer: Antonella Di Martino
Stylist: Rossella Aprea
Color grading: Daniel Pallucca, Leonardo Mareso
Original Soundtrack: Massimo Martellotta
Sound Design & Mix: The LOG

Daikin_Brand Campaign