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Floofs are a very small, mischievous creature. They carry the ability to change their colours, and even markings to blend in with their environment. But this advanced form of re-pigmentation has led to them using their “gift” for fun antics of mimicry and not just camouflage for survival, this ability, coupled with their very charming and lovable nature later led to them being tamed and kept as pets.

The imperial floof is how these little critters look naturally before taking on other coloures!

We specialize in high quality resin, vinyl, plush, PVC figurines production.  We have also collaborated closely with companies and artists representing movies, video games, comics and designer toys. Our senior sculptors to meticulously capture each client’s visions down to the finest detail.  Since establishment, we have made promotional items and OEM toys for companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia.  We are headquartered in California, United State and our factory is in China. Do like us on Facebook