My Little Places
Wherever I go, I feel like I belong
     We don't choose when or where we are born, we're simply brought into this world without any idea of what we'll find out here. As we grow up we learn more about the present, about what surrounds us, and we experience this natural love for our country, our city, our little place. The idea for this project was to show my appreciation for these places that I love, which go from landscapes, villages, cities, landmarks, or simply locations where I feel nostalgic for some personal reason (for example, either the house of my grandparents or just some place I had a memorable time when I was younger). I figured the best way to do this was to make it look like a little tiny place, showing how softly and kindly I keep them in my mind and heart. By turning them into these little places, I can easily play and dream with it whenever I want, reliving the reason why I love them so much in first place.

     I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, but somehow I feel like I belong individually to each of these little places.

          Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques
          Parque dos Poetas
          Cabo Carvoeiro
          Praia do Carreiro do Mosteiro
          Forte de São João Baptista das Berlengas
          Cabo Avelar Pessoa
          Palácio Nacional de Sintra
          Vila de Óbidos
          Praia da Rainha
          Praia Formosa de Santa Cruz
          Moinho encurralado em Santa Cruz
          Torres Vedras
          Marina de Vilamoura
          Armação de Pêra
          Aqueduto das Águas Livres
          Alcântara Mar
          Campo Grande
          Praça Marquês de Pombal
          Ponte 25 de Abril
          Rua de Santa Justa
          Praça de Dom Pedro IV - Rossio
          Jardim de Belém
          Mapa dos Descobrimentos, em Belém
          Ferry sobre o Rio Tejo
          Parque Eduardo VII de Inglaterra
          Praça do Comércio
          Parque das Nações
          Lisboa à noite com o Castelo de São Jorge no topo da colina
     Any of these particular places have a little story about them, a story so big for each of them that I'm afraid it wouldn't fit in it.

     Hope you enjoyed it.

Francisco Caldas
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