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    Daily speed paintings I do in Photoshop as part of the 'Spit Paint' community on Facebook. Project will be updated regularly.
Digital Doodles I do as part of the Spitpaint FaceBook community.
New Spitpaints will be added regularly :)
The Laughing Man
Air Boat
Robot Soldier Assembly
Cybernetic Organism
Feeding The Doves
Sky Traveller
Death by Feedback
Dinosaur Suit
Fantastic 2
Adventurer in the Ancient Temple
Mind Wipe
Boat in the storm
Mutant Knight
Crocodile Pirate
Medic Services
Raven Feast
Dumb Troll
Lava Planet
Harp Player
Skinny Soldier
rhemrev.com | Visual development for Themeparks and Animation
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