TRANSFORMERS: Battle Masters
Motion Graphics
A Warrior's Journey
Two fighters enter, but only one will walk out with the title. Watch as these two titans clash, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em style, in a battle for the ages. Detail rich environments were created for our two protagonists to play in. From a junkyard benchpress and container yard punching bag, to a rapturous arena, complete with screaming fans. All of this came together to produce a 90 second metal crunching action romp you've come to expect from the Transformers franchise, and the artists at Clockwork VFX.
The completed commercial

Some work in progress renders from the preproduction and look development phase
Character turnarounds
Lighting a shot
Crowd animation
A near final version of the junkyard shot.
A warehouse scene, which was cut from the final commercial, originally featured Optimus skipping rope with a thick chain, as part of his training montage.
A container yard down at the docks, where Optimus uses an unlucky container as a punching bag.
On board Megatron's spaceship, orbiting Earth.
An early, partially textured version of the arena, without many of it's effects, which were added in post production.
Stills From The Commercial
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TRANSFORMERS: Battle Masters