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Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries)

Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries): Archiving unfinished stories of spatial violence
This project is a collective reflection on violence in Lebanon using constructing narratives as a form of everyday life archives is an ambitious alternative for writing the unified unwritten history of Lebanon. It has the power to reveal connected stories, enhance understanding of current and previous events/crises and reduce exacerbated conflict within and between ethnic/ sectarian groups. This egalitarian archival practice of documenting and analyzing peoples’ traumatic responses and coping mechanisms that respect multiple, convergent/divergent narratives ambitiously co-produces a potential manifesto for action and change. The knowledge produced by the archival practice will not privilege certain narratives over others. Rather it will offer a site of negotiation about visions of the future.
Hanadi Samhan
Hoda Mekkaoui
Dina Mneimneh
Camillo Boano

Nanor Der Boghossian
Luna Akil
Wael Toutoungy

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Ziad (unable to access medication for chronic health condition), Hiba (survivor of Tarik el-Jdideh explosion, 2020), Leen (survivor of the Shouf forests fires, 2019), Joyce (community engagement and social media activist), Mahmud (injured during the Revolution protests, 2020), Carina (survivor of the port explosion, 2020) , Reference to Boy missing  Lamia (affected by the Ain Qana explosion, 2020) , Sami (unable to access personal savings at the bank), Ahmad (facing housing insecurity and displacement), Mona (unemployed, searching for a job,2019)
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Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries)


Lebanese Yawmiyat (diaries)