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BabyCare Branding Identify Package Design

Works name 丨 butterfly infant child language package 
entire case (product design | packaging design):Wet paper towel/children's mothproof toothpaste/Moisturizer/natural vegetable soap/Talcum powder/mosquito repellent

design team | © QingYou Culture(ZaoWuQiYi)

Product homogenization baby washing track.Use dedicated symbols to create styling recognition
Modeling relative to color and picture, with the first recognized characteristics
A unique empty bottle without a label can also be found quickly on the shelf
Positioning "minimalist" tone, in order to cope with the butterfly language of nature and care of the brand concept
We capture the "butterfly" and "flower" elements of nature through research
This and "Die language" brand form a high degree of fit
We make butterflies, flowers and leaves abstract and simplified design to form a butterfly language visual modeling system
More critical information output
Spread minimalist design language
Angelic care is giving 100% of the critical care, taking the best out of the mix.
Key information gilding typesetting, weakening packaging mandatory advertising sense,
Product is packaging, packaging is brand, focusing on the product itself and the sense of experience, to achieve the effect of printing without printing.
Skus can also do matrix extension.
Identification color = new bud green
Color codes extracted from nature
The baby market has done a lot of research, the butterfly language color system and competitive products to distinguish.
Nature New Bud Green PANTONE 2274C
The color impression of the vitality of plants and trees, as pure as a newborn baby.
Certain Proportion Angel Pink PANTONE 699C
Fusion configuration, add a gentle maternal love to the color recognition.
Comfortable color proportions create a sense of space and order.
Contrast cute collocation to create a "newborn natural angel care" brand tone.
BabyCare Branding Identify Package Design


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BabyCare Branding Identify Package Design