Oslo Ceramic Coasters
3D Manufactured Ceramic Coasters inspired by the streets of Oslo
This project started with my fascination for city grids, from the strict geometry of New York to the seemingly chaotic Bombay structure. At the time, living abroad and feeling a bit homesick (my hometown is Oslo, Norway), I decided to use the map of Oslo, Norway as a starting point. I started by tracing a map of Oslo in illustrator and exporting the 2D lines to Rhino3D. In Rhino I made sure I got the right material thickness and the dimensions I wanted and started producing some early 3D prints based on that. After receiving several samples, I decidedon the final dimensions and boiled down my selection to 6 areas in Oslo basedon what they represent for me: No.1 Majorstuen, No.2 Parkveien, No.3 Sentrum, No.4 Kvadraturen, No.5 Sentrum East and No.6 Grünerløkka.

I initially produced a batch of these coasters using the Alumide material available through Shapeways but I didn't feel likethe right material choice for these products. It was almost too precise and tooperfect. When Shapeways introduced the Glazed Ceramics material I was pretty confident that it would be the right material.  An important aspect about using ceramics, is that the final products get slight imperfections due to the production method. Those imperfections, together with the look and feel ofthe material, were just right for these products.

The 6 Ceramic Coasters are available in six different colors & finishes in my shop at Shapeways.
High resolution images available in this Flickr set.

No.1 Majorstuen
No.2 Parkveien
No.3 Sentrum
No.4 Kvadraturen
No.5 Sentrum East
No.6 Grunerlokka