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    When Dorothy met the Scarecrow
For my last school project, I chose to illustrate the scene from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz where Dorothy meets the Scarecrow on her way to the Emerald City. 
I decided to use a very limited palette to emphasize the importance of color in L. Frank Baum's original story. I was inspired by Dr. Seuss's use of color and line in books like Hop on Pop.  I tried to stick to canon as much as possible. The only exception I made was in making Dorothy's slippers pink instead of the original silver. I felt it fit the color scheme better and balanced out the distribution of color. 
Dorothy has at least two wardrobe changes in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, so I indulged myself in designing three outfits for her. The one on the left is the iconic blue and white checked gingham dress Dorothy changes into when she lands in Oz. The middle is the white dress she is given when she arrives to the Emerald City (it looks green because everyone in the city is forced to wear green-tinted glasses! Then we discover it's actually white once she leaves the city and takes off the glasses). The dress on the right is the simple dress she's wearing in Kansas at the beginning of the story.
I only needed Dorothy, Toto, and the Scarecrow for this project, but couldn't help desiging the Lion and the Tinman as well. They were so much fun!
Thanks for looking! :)