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    Prototype I developed
United States US 9,471,203

Systems and methods are provided for determining and/or presenting supplemental content associated with media content. In some embodiments, supplemental content may include information regarding characters, places, events, and/or user-generated data associated with media content. Supplemental content may be determined through the use of one or more indexes and/or data structures that relate media content to supplemental content items. User interfaces may be generated to present the supplemental content items in a particular order, layout, and/or streaming animation to provide context for the user. In some embodiments, the user interfaces including the supplemental content may be configured to receive user input for navigation of the media content.

Part of a Mobile App I Co-concepted with Trip O'dell. It is an audiobook version of Amazon's Kindle X-Ray that shows you every person, place, and term on a given page.

Below is the Audiobook translation with added features to make it a powerful tool. At any given point you can add a bookmark with notes and share it with a closed group of users (like all the people in a class you are taking). You can also highlight an audio clip and share it. The Highlights will automatically be converted to text and shown on the screen when it is spoken.