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    Technology - Various shots for Annual Reports, brochures, magazines, presentations and web
Being in the right place at the right time. This new material called Microlattice is the lightest metal structure ever created.  It was produced by HRL Laboratories in Malibu CA late in 2011. HRL Laboritories asked me to take some photos for a possible article in Science Magazine.  Their covers tend to be very simple, no type, just the masthead and an image on a plain background.  Ironically, Science didn't use it on the cover.  However, the image went viral and was picked up by multiple magazine, TV programs and other media around the world.  National Geographic Magazine (June 2012) asked me to make a companion image (below) to show it's strength. 
Microlattice is incrediably strong, weighing 100 time less than styrofoam.
Glass Wafer
Brochure illustration for Psicor.
Photonics Lab
Annual Report illustration for Sym Tek Systems Inc.
Laser Prototype at California Institute of Technology