A music venue ready to conquer its own space in the world scene of electronic music.​​​​​​​

Club415 is the electronic version of Star, a music performance and festival venue located in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais. With 5 thousand square meters, the hybrid space can receive up to 4 thousand people.

With a proposal for personalized scenography, lighting, and a specialized sound system, the club was born to give a unique personality to nights aimed at the national and international scene of electronic music.

The project’s goal was to encounter a design system that differentiated itself from Star’s communication and authentically connected with the public and artists of this universe, guaranteeing a consistent and flexible communication structure.

Inspired by the musical frequency and the visual display of the controller (DJ equipment), the symbol reflects both the act of expressing oneself through music and the high-performance digital universe.

Club415’s identity uses typography with a technological personality, a black and white palette combined with one striking color, and a series of proprietary seals that enhance the club’s name. In the compositions, the texts earn a free and restless behavior, filling the layout and bringing dynamism to all communication.

With intensity and versatility, we designed an eye-catching and confident visual identity, which will continue to be expanded by Club415’s internal team in search of inspiring new experiences and conquering its space in the world scene of electronic music.

DESIGNERS: Cassia Freire, Gustavo Kone, Luana Cordeiro

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