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    Various location/format specific spec ideas created across multiple product sectors for client presentations and internal company archive.
Various spec ideas using specific locations and/or formats as part of the creative. 
Spec utilizing various Outdoor formats to promote Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.
Alaska tourism
Spec using various Outdoor formats, showcasing the natural beauty of Alaska’s wildlife and scenery. 
Spec using boards close to school and railroad crossings, applying temporary "skid marks" to the pavement, to promote Midas’ brake service and repair.
Spec using a back-to-back poster/bulletin location to promote the Disney/Pixar film, “Cars 2,” prior to it’s release in theaters.
Spec using two bulletin locations, across the freeway from each other, to promote CIngular’s message of newly expanded coverage.
Spec utilizing a bulletin and pole to convey the fast-acting effectiveness of Drano.