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    A game game I developed for the iPad
This is an iPad game I co-designed and solely devloped that has been shelved. The game is designed to use the iPad's accelerometer so you woudl move the character by tilting your iPad in the direction you want his to go. Below are three different stages of the game's lifecycle. These are not the final game play but they are challenging enough. These only work on your computer so you control the guy "Uni" with your mouse or trackpad. Enjoy.
NOTE: These are not final production so they have bugs and certain design elements are not clear.
Game Play: TO START, click on the bottom of the the guy's "UNI" tire to register the center point. Now roll over some bugs to have a pure green tile to appear (not the green tiles with circles in them - remember, testing mode). Roll over 7 green tiles to have a checkered tile to appear. Roll on it to have it elevator you up to the next level. Try the other tiles to see what they do, like fly.
Game Play: TO START, pick a level to do then click anywhere on the screen to make that the center point of UNI. I recommend clicking where his shadow is. This version has no end...it is to see how long you can survive on that level. Running over a green bug will bring back a tile. Note: In this version, you can hold down your mouse button to jump. The longer you hold it down, the higher he jumps.
Game Play: TO START, click on the bottom of the the guy's "UNI" tire to register the center point. This one is all about testing the iPad's spawning performance. To get to the next level, roll over some bugs (which will be very easy) to spawn a green tile. Roll over 3 green tiles to get the checkered tile to move to the next level.