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    An infographic design about 10 movies with low budget that were a hit and 10 movies with high budget that were a flop.
10 hit movies & 10 flop movies
An Infographic design about successful and dreadful movies.
This is a work i made for an iPad visual magazine from Italy, called ADAM.
Actually the project was born like a thesis of my school, IED in Rome, then turned out to be a real project that should be available in the last part of 2011.
ADAM is the acronym for "Alphabet Digital Art Magazine".
Alphabet because each issue is about an alphabet letter (so the first one will be the A issue).
This work is from the second issue, about B, where the main theme of the issue was the "B-Side".
Every "page" (because we're on iPad) is about a word, a concept and it graphically describes or tells the meaning of that word or something related to it.
This was the "Billion" page, where we chose to use the meaning of "An indefinitely large number".
So, because all the pages are related with the next and the previous one, we talked about movies as the previous page was about Blaxploitation and the next one about Bollywood.
All the movies are represented by in icon that shows an element or a character taken from the plot, the title of the movie itself, a number, that is the movie's rank in the chart, and below, some pictographs.

The stars represent the relationship between revenues and spending.
That is,
"how much the earnings have exceeded the actual manufacturing cost".
For example, 1 white star stands for "x 100",
The movie "Halloween" (which has 2 white stars) in fact has earned approximately
200 times the cost.
Yes, "Paranormal Activity" is the most successful movie ever. At least considering the relation between "earned money" and "spent money". We can see, in fact, earned money = 12300x spent money.
At the 2 place we have Mad Max with "only" 500x earned money.
I did a sort of "twinning" between the icons of the two charts.
Each icon has its counterpart in the opposite section.
Going under, we have the 10 flops chart that works in the same way of the hits.
The only difference is in the pictographs where we have crosses instead of stars.
The crosses represent the opposite concept of the stars.
That is how much times the spending has exceeded the actual earning.
For example, D-Tox has 3 blue crosses.
A blue cross is for 10x.
This means that the money it taken to shoot are 30 times more than the money it has earned at the box office when it came out. Or, if you prefer, it earned 1/30 of the money it spent.