Bonaqua - Moved by Water


Bonaqua (a brand of The Coca-Cola Company) is a company that has been dedicated to providing quality water to consumers for 20 years. It is a pioneer in mineralized water and sustainable initiatives. Its positioning, "water for tomorrow," and visual identity, appropriates its pillars: innovation in sustainability and its positive role in the world.

"Movement to renew, movement for the body, and movement for the world" is the motto that inspires Bonaqua's movements and is translated into language through the "water mill" concept, and the idea of renewing the future through the most transformative asset of all: water.

To revitalize an already well-known brand, there is a challenge to highlight what is new while keeping the assets known to the consumer. We bring a new chapter to an iconic element: the "pinwheel" of the old identity, which becomes the "water mill."
Formed by drops that seem to be in constant motion, the water mill is fluid and reinforces the idea of transformation in motion. From packaging to the logo, the water mill is the protagonist, it is alive, it is water, it is Bonaqua.

For colors, we used a new shade of blue that brings more lightness and modernity and harmonized it with touches of white; while photography is marked by the relationship between people and water and the environment, reinforcing the sustainable strength of the positioning.

For Bonaqua, The Coca-Cola Company.
Bonaqua - Moved by Water