LUNE coffee

Design: Aida Israfili
Visualization: Aida Israfili
Year: 2023
Location: Salalah
Coffee shop in Salalah (Sultanate of Oman).
The coffee shop is located in a shopping center and therefore the design was designed to stand out and attract the attention of guests.
The entrance area of the coffee house was decorated with imitation of rough stone combined with metal. 
The barista area is located closer to the entrance, so that passing guests can see the process of coffee making. Sandy and soft tones of materials create a cozy and calm atmosphere in the room.
The zoning of the coffee shop is thought out so that the guest can choose a place to their liking. For music lovers a zone with a vinyl player was designed where the guest can enjoy delicious coffee and their favorite music.
And for art lovers a zone with paintings was created.
A wall of glass blocks was used for zoning, which also served as a decorative element for the interior of the coffee house.
Lune coffee


Lune coffee