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    Good logos communicate the business core message across the mediums and reach the target customers successfully.
Have you ever wondered why some logos are successful than others? Why some designs are memorable even after centuries, and some we can’t even recall? Can you recall the logo of Mercedes-Benz even after so many years? Yes. Why this is so?
Let me explain. The creation of brand identities creates impact; impact on the customers’ senses, their memorability and emotions. It is like an attack but with positivity, credibility and trust. The best of the best logos are memorable and still successfully connected with their customers even after centuries. They evoke the customer emotions and stay in their minds for long-term association. They represent professionalism and communicate the business core message through them. The success of the design has a strong impact on the success of your brand.
For a good design, you need to understand the logo design principles for business growth and success.