The Bride's mother & father walking thair daughter out of his house for the last time
Father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time
Brides family messing around before the wedding
"Tears of Joy" Grandmother of the bride during the wedding church service 
flower girl
mother & Father of the bride during church service
Bride and groom during church service
Bride and groom messing around after the church service.
this shot was taken around mid day and i didnt have a reflector or flash (using a standard EOS 5D)
due to the hard light straight from above. i used it to my advantage in post processing. iluminating the light pole the stood by and adding a little lense flare. 
was going for a dusk tipe shot with muted colours
Brides younger brother is here to party, taken just before his dance routine
first dance
Brides mother
speech from the brides father
one of my lights didnt go off. got an intreating shot though, alla Scarface i think
grooms father gives speech
bridal party haning around before the festivities beggin
Knife boy? brides grand father did the honours
the cutting of the cake
Venue beautiful pool, fountains and agrdens all around you as you eat, drink and make merry
Bride and younger sister (maid of Honour)
who needs horses! the grooms men will do it!!