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    This was KFC's first shot at doing radio. In Singapore at least. The ads had high recall. The delivery numbers shot up. But most importantly, eve… Read More
    This was KFC's first shot at doing radio. In Singapore at least. The ads had high recall. The delivery numbers shot up. But most importantly, everyone had a good chuckle. Read Less
I was stuck at home once and instead of coming to my rescue, my best friend gave me KFC's home delivery number, chuckled and hung up.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Here are four radio ads that came out of that unfortunate situation.
(Please hit 'refresh' if the layout looks wonky. Behance has been weird for a while now.)
Radio Ad #1 - Labyrinth 
SFX: Phone ringing…
Landscaper: (Friendly, young lad) Aristocrat Landscaping Company.
Owner: (Pompous Englishman) My name is Elliot Stokly-Crochette. I wish to speak to Wilfred                    urgently.
Landscaper: Oh Mr. Stokly-Crochette! How are you? I must say we’re very proud of the garden                         labyrinth we did for you.
Owner: I am currently within it.
Landscaper: Oh, good, good! Well, we’re very proud of it.
Owner: No you don’t seem to understand. I seem to be permanently within it. I can’t find the way              out!
Landscaper: Oh, I’m so sorry. Erm, actually, can you just tell me what you can see from where you                   are now?
Owner: The west wing tower. This is a question of urgency, man. I’ve been here for 32 hours…
Landscaper: Sure…west wing tower… err, hold on. If you just turn to your left…
Owner: My left…
Landscaper: Head straight ahead... twenty paces…
Owner: (Struggles to take directions)
Landscaper: … twenty paces…
Owner: ...erm, twenty paces…
Landscaper: …turn second right…
Owner: I’m sorry did you say left or right?
Landscaper: …no, third right. Third right, and then…
Owner: Third right?
Landscaper: …and then turn to your left…
Owner: Good lord! This sounds like the instructions for a foxtrot!
Landscaper: Oh, look, I’ve got an idea.
Owner: Yes?
Landscaper: Just call this number. 6-222-6-111.
Owner: What shall I say to them?
Landscaper: Whatever that’ll keep you from eating yourself, sir.
Announcer: For times when you can’t leave home. Call KFC Delivery. 6-222-6-111.
Radio Ad #2 - Locksmith
SFX: Phone ringing…
Locksmith: (Dude of Eastern-European descent) Hello, Eastern Locksmith – the key to all your                         problems.
Customer: (A rather hoity individual.) Oh that’s clever. Look, I need your help please.                                    Come over to my house. I’m locked inside. My dog has swallowed my key.                           
Locksmith: Sounds like you need veterinarian.  
Customer: I already did get the veterinarian over. My dog went and bit him.
Locksmith: Oh. Then you should call police. Maybe they can taser the dog.
Customer: The police did come but he attacked them too.
Locksmith: Aye my friend, you have angry little doggie. I, too, have angry dog but he’s BIG Russian                 dog. Like a wolf…like a Russian woman – also very large and nasty bite. I don’t think I                 can come and take this job.
Customer: Oh, but you simply must! I have a very special friend coming over for dinner. I need                    you in uniform. With belt and toolkit. My house. Pronto.
Locksmith: I tell you what you do, you call 6222-6111.
Customer: That’s your solution?
Locksmith: No! That is dinner. Solution is next time you keep goldfish.
Customer: Tried fish. Didn’t like it.
Announcer: For times when you can’t leave home. Call KFC Delivery. 6-222-6-111.
Radio Ad #3 - Princess
SFX: Phone rings.
Fairy Godmother: Hullo…
Princess: (Sounding helpless) Fairy Godmother?
Fairy Godmother: Rapunzel? What’s going on? Why are you phoning me so late?
Princess: Well... I need your help…it’s Prince Charming.
Fairy Godmother: What about him? Has he come kissing you again or something? What? Tell me,                            tell me…
Princess: He’s DEAD.
Fairy Godmother: WHAT???
Princess: He was climbing the tower... and for some reason, this time, my hair it just snapped off!              There was blood... I’ve got no hair left… I’m BALD!
Fairy Godmother: (Disgusted)
Princess: …there’s an open wound – it’s seeping this yellow stuff…
Fairy Godmother: Yaaa.. that sounds… pretty horrific, Rapunzel.
Princess: Look.. I can’t be trapped in this tower forever.
Fairy Godmother: We’ll order you one of those wigs online, I’m sure they’re…
Princess: NO, NO, NO... there must be something you can do!
Fairy Godmother: Well, we will take you to Korea and get it done. But right now, just call this                                  number – 6222-6111.
Princess: Is that another Prince’s phone number?
Fairy Godmother: Well…he isn’t exactly a Prince.  
Announcer: For times when you can’t leave home. Call KFC Delivery. 6-222-6-111.
Radio Ad #4 - Snakecatcher
SFX: Phone ringing…
Indian Snake catcher: (Cocky, impatient) ‘Fang-tastic’ Fred, snake catcher.
Old Lady: (Pleasant-sounding old person) Hi, Snakey Fred, I think I have a snake on my porch.
Indian Snake catcher: Okay ma’am, tell me about this snake. 
Old Lady: Well, it’s big!
Indian Snake catcher: Ah... Anything bigger than six foot different price, ma’am.
Old Lady: ...I don’t care about the price! …it’s like a bendy bus!
Indian Snake catcher: Okay, okay, okay. You tell me the colour of this snake.
Old Lady: It looks kinda gold and green…
Indian Snake catcher: Ah! That is an Iridescent Shieldtail. Very common also.   
Old Lady: Oh my goodness it’s changing colours.
Indian Snake catcher: No snake change colour… hello, ma’am..
Old Lady: (Starts to panic) Oh! It’s got two giant flappy things!!!
Indian Snake catcher: Got it! That one is a Ophiophagus Hanna. You call it the King Cobra.
Old Lady: (Irritated) Look! Don’t patronize me young man. I know what a King. Cobra. Is! This has                 two big, flappy things… they’re flapping like wings and its got black feathers and claws…               Look! Are you coming over?
Indian Snake catcher: (Starts to panic too. He's never heard of such a snake and tries to back                                                        out) Uh, erm, let’s see now ya… mm okay…let’s see now… I… I am missing                                  my yoga class now so I give you another number – 6222-6111.
Old Lady: They’ll take care of the snake?
Indian Snake catcher: Err nooo… they will take care of you.
Announcer: For times when you can’t leave home. Call KFC Delivery. 6-222-6-111