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    3D Exhibition Booths
Shiffar Investments & Commerce PSC
 The Big5 Show Dubai 2013
The overall shape and design of the booth is derived from the lion logo of Shiffar Investments. The lion-inspired structure uses multiple elements to convey the fact that Shiffar Investments offers high-quality 3D textured glass panels.
First, the shape of the booth construction is irregular, which helps the walls and stands “pop” throughout their environment, thus giving a 3D feel. Second, although the booth shapes are irregular, they are constructed with linear lines that give the whole presentation a futuristic ambience. Lastly, blue lighting lines the structure to imbue a refreshing and additional 3D effect. 
Taken together, these elements give viewers the impression that Shiffar Investments is offering products of the future.
Samsung Eco Bubble Booth
SAMSUNG World Cup Booth
Orange Telecom - City Mall Booth