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    Some of my favorite pets made as geometric illustrations.
- Geometric portraits of my pets -
Big is a stray dog from Vama Veche, sort of hot-dog shaped, with a very big package. Highly agressive, alfa male, very possesive and quite the kisser.
Boogie is a calm, wise and intelligent beagle, royal in appearance, high-maintenance, but very tolerant. Usually hangs out with Big on his domain.

Goldie is a Labrador Retriever, named Ella of Wolfhound in her pedigree cerificate. She is a not-so-gracious, extremely loving and affectous antisocial lady dog.
Known for ther love for long waks in the park, she is the communicative type, barking her way to the destination.
Max, also known as Maximilian, is half-stray-half -wolf.
Having great intelligence, extremely adorable poses and overwhelming intuition, he is the con-dog of the year, managing his way in two weeks into a home.
He is an alfa dog, does not get well with Big and Boogie and he likes to chew. I mean anything.
Natasha comes from the salt mines of Slănic Prahova. She is a delightful turkish angora, moves like a ballerina, highly pretentious, but playful and loving as well.
She knows how to get attention, usually has a sadistic manner of breaking things when she is not content.