FSC General Assembly
One of the goals from FSC is to maintain the biodiversity and the ecological processes of the forest by the
suitable forest management. 
This responsibility show the wish to contribute to the natural balance and keep it from damages.
And this management responsible of the resources of the forest, it is why we have develop two concepts fundamental to create our grafic line. 
To develop our grafic line, we have done many illustrations of the
characterics plants of Spain.
At the end, we chose one of them and we finally agreed on the acacia.
It is as well know as mimosa dorada, which is an australian tree, extended to the whole world with the globalization. 
Reversible Bag in order to keep it longer. Made of organic cotton, label from economic output, resulting from organic cotton, is a product of fair trade cotton. The ink is brand KIIAN silkscreen, without support with pvc 100% recyclable Polypropylene, digitally printable. 
Canvas elevators is a clear vinyl where the acacia leaves are printed. The feeling we want to convey is that when they get within it, they feel in the middle of nature, between plants. 
We propose the idea of using FSC certified cork as a material for making the souvenir that will be delivered in the assembly.
The idea is to give a box with two seeds, soil, two corks as a flowerpot and a watering can.
One advantage of the FSC certificate is owing to the fact that Spain is located secondly as a internationally cork producer.
At present there are 30 thousand 469 hectares of FSC certified cork out of a total of 500 thousand hectares. 
Souvenir materials are:
The cork of pots comes from Sierra Norte Natural Park of Seville because The Andalusian has two farms with FSC certified cork seal there. The watering can is made of ceramic. Biodegradable plastic to package the soil. Recycled paper with FSC certification for a manual that will go inside the box as a guide. The box is made of the same material as th folder and notebook. 
We include seeds of gold mimosa and seeds of the olive tree. we have chosen this two because the acacia is associated with Spain and with our graphic. And the olive tree give us the typical Spanish oil. 
FSC General Assembly
Multiple Owners
Elena Rodríguez Pacheco